A contemporary mixture of actual ingredients makes up the BENTENG BURGER to its fortial taste by saucing Mme Jeanette spicy pasta on ROTI sides, expressing the heart of BENTENG fort.

Three pilaric spicy wurst sticks ly on salade bed of red onion, mix leafs lettuce, cumcumber sliced sticks and apple.

You make-on in own chosen sauces will start your fortified meal!

benteng burger


Salade PENGANTIN or RUJAK PENGANTIN…also popularly known as GADO-GADO

GADO-GADO means a tiny dish for inbetweens or leftovers after diner to snack on…as in practice gado refers as imperative to left some over to snack on after diner closure of the table.

In the BENTENG tradition this dish is being served as a BRIDE SALADE weddings in the Chinese Peranakan custom to express and provoke visual and metaphoric inner wellness for all participants and visitors, and moreover invited guests!